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Believing that Stefan is now a vampire, he attacks him and Stefan - not knowing his own strength - hurtles his father away in defense.

Giuseppe gets hurt and starts bleeding and Stefan does not have the strength to resist to his need for blood and he feeds on his father completing his transformation.

Alaric and Damon talk about not finding anything about Isobel and Alaric decides that he should stop looking for answers and let it go.

Henry attacks Alaric but Damon throws him off recognizing him from the tomb.

Henry tells them that John helped him get used to the modern world and in return, Henry keeps tabs on the other vampires from the tomb.

He finally takes the blood and drinks while he is telling Elena the whole story of how he completed his transformation.

Elena is shocked at the story but not turned off and she wants him to keep talking to her.

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Present day: Elena visits Stefan in his cell ignoring Damon's warnings not to go down there alone.

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