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classics, earned the title of being the best-selling Super NES game of all time, thus has been remade or re-released on various platforms including the Game Boy Advance and the Wii's Virtual Console. 3's excellent execution of the ever popular genre, and became the most prominent game released during the console's launch window.

Super Mario World is a sidescrolling platformer that takes heroes Mario and Luigi through various environments and obstacles.

By use of various glitches and shortcuts, Super Mario Bros. The records below are achieved without tool-assistance, meaning the movement of Mario is entirely carried out via a gamepad.

darbian noted that his 2015 record still wasn't perfect, as he could still save some time in level 4-2, though he stated that besides this, "there is no other time save that a human has ever done (even in practice) prior to 8-4." darbian also made a few small mistakes in 8-4, the final level of the game.

Unlike the first Super Mario Galaxy, there are not separate categories for Mario and Luigi, since the game does not allow you to start as Luigi.

The ability to switch to Luigi is unlocked after completing Bowser's Galaxy Generator during a run.

On June 6, 2016, callumbal beat Super Mario Land in 12 minutes, 28 seconds, the first time anyone had beat the game in under 12 and a half minutes.

After completing this run, Lord Tom petitioned to make runs using this glitch a separate category of speedruns, so that previous records will remain important.was beaten with the lowest possible score for the first time on February 20, 2014.Player Not Entirely Sure had to play through the game without defeating any enemies or collecting any items, as to not go over the minimal score of 500 when beating the game.To progress in Super Mario 64 (1996), the player has to collect stars from the game's various levels.Once a player has collected enough stars, they can continue to the next part of the game.

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(also known as 0 Exit), it is possible to make the credits of Super Mario World roll by injecting arbitrary code into the game's memory in the first level of the game.

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