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Santa Monica è geograficamente circondata dalla sorella più grande, Los Angeles.Gli studenti quindi possono godersi il meglio di entrambe le città: le grandi spiagge, l'atmosfera di Santa Monica, le ampie zone pedonali, la famosissima Third Street Promenade piena di negozi, caffetterie e ristoranti, ed allo stesso tempo avere facile accesso alle innumerevoli attrazioni di Los Angeles.(a) You must register and complete the form (Part-A) ONLINE at the website: (b) When you have completed filling in Part A, click save. Click “OK” to print out the application form consisting of Part-A and Part-B will be printed.For each family application, Part-B is common to all applicants of the family up to a maximum of four.» Exemption from registration with local police authority for any length of stay in India.

» If it is subsequently discovered that a foreign national has obtained OCI by fraud, false representation or concealment of any material fact or he/she has demonstrated disaffection towards the Constitution of India or is covered under any of the provisions of section 7D of the Citizenship Act, the registration of such foreign national shall be cancelled immediately.

This would not, however, constitute a document supporting the claim of Indian origin status; independent documents indicated herein are required for this.

(4) Photocopy of one or more of the following documents: a) Indian Educational certificate issued by educational boards/universities.

[Photograph should be sufficiently bright color with frontal view of full face against a light background with both ears and shoulders clearly visible] As your photograph is scanned and printed on the OCI card and lifelong visa, it should be of a high quality for reproduction and International Civil Aviation Organization specifications (2) Photocopy of the photo page of the foreign passport, all observation pages of the foreign passport.

(3) Photocopy of the first page, photo page, last page and other pages having any observations of valid/cancelled Indian passport of self/parents/grandparents OR copy of Surrender Certificate of Indian passport of self/parents or grandparents.

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Entry fees to be charged for visiting the national monuments, historical sites and museums in India; 2.

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