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By 1910 exports dropped to 15,000,000 packs; by 1920 less than 10,000,000 by 1923 only 2,000,000.

Cuban in-island consumption rose dramatically, aided in part by lavish use of insert carts, including nudies.

Introduces “the new Autokraft wooden cigar box,” made with the latest technology.1931 US Government rules that the Navy must buy domestic cigars when within US waters, but admits it cannot prevent them from buying Cuban cigars when outside US territorial waters.

The law relieves tobacco products intended for ships stores from paying taxes.

Florida’s cheap cigars (5¢ or less) outsold Florida’s high-priced cigars (20¢ or more), something they didn’t publicize.1912 H. The 24% classified as “mid-size” made 40% of the total, whereas 75% of US factories combined to make 10% of the output. Maker of FAVORITE PLAYERS, PAY DAY, JENNY LIND 5¢ cigars, JOLLY FELLOWS 2/5¢ cigars and KALO 3/10¢ cigars.1919 First fully automated cigar machine introduced in US. A decade later, more than 4,000 would be in production, making more cigars in an hour than a hand-roller could do in a day, at about half the daily wage cost.1919 Membership in the CMIU drops 40% in NYC because of the strike of 1919.

Fendrich, maker of LA FENDRICH, CHARLES DENBY and many custom brands, opens huge new plant in Evansville, Indiana, capable of 350,000 cigars a day. Van Huystee, immigrants from the Netherlands, open a cigar factory in London, Ontario, Canada. Of the 26,000 registered cigar factories, only 50 roll more than 25,000,000 a year.1915 Canadian Government issues new series of tax stamps the same as 1897, but redated and printed only in black. One quarter of cigar rollers remain members, but in New Jersey less than 3% of cigar rollers are unionized.

Once the world’s most sought after, they couldn’t compete with the Tobacco Trust’s marketing and price-cutting.

Government activities (usually laws) and particularly noteworthy companies are in bold as are brand names.

If a box, label or company is on exhibit, it is marked in claret color.

80% of cigar makers nationwide are women, and the lowest paid, generally as strippers and machine operators.

“Never hire a man if you can get a woman” was employer’s creed.

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Cellophane later adopted.1921 60% of expensive domestic clear Havana cigars are made in NYC, more than Florida.

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