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The scene itself was a little more horrifying than I expected.

The four-storied building looked as if only half of it had burned, the scorched brick reflected a bizarre pattern no man-made accelerant could have created.

But I wasn't incredibly familiar with this area of North Philadelphia. Actually it was more of a motel, but a friend told me it was a pretty decent place and the couple that owned it was nice. I'd had to park quite some distance away considering all the emergency vehicles in the area.We've accounted for everyone else in the building except your son. ' Sure, that was the day to simply ignore your voicemail.I shook my head as I sat beside some of the other rescue workers and ate a sandwich donated by a local deli.The sun had gone down and this area of North Philly was known for its rather aggressive homeless population.To be fair, a nearby state-funded psychiatric hospital had closed down a few years earlier.

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