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It was a long drive from Midland to Prudenville, but it was my obsession. The summer crowd of over 5,000 enjoyed the popular recorded music played by Shirley with support from Lee, her husband.

Being a Box regular made you “cool” in the eyes of those from your hometown.

In fact, other than a Chef Boyardee you-bake-from-a-box pizza, I’d never had pizza until I went to Geni’s.

The cheese was the really stretchy kind that would make long “ropes” when you took a bite.

Each time lasted less than a week because I broke up with him to go to The Box. I joined two Facebook groups just before Christmas.

I changed from my fussy clothes to a comfy robe before coming to the living room.

Putting the pie pan and two foam boxes of prime rib in the refrigerator didn’t seem like it was a big deal that I needed to help him with, but apparently, it bothered him that I didn’t volunteer to help (or do it).

The members are fairly upbeat, strong, and positive. They seem appreciative of the time they are sharing with their spouse/significant other.

I want to tell the wife in the caregivers’ group who is bitching about changing her husband’s diaper, or the one who gripes about her husband demands that she’ll be sorry she resented helping him.

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