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However, the scale on which we measure financial and social returns is poorly defined because there is no one-size-fits-all approach that can effectively demonstrate success in this sector.Metrics that effectively measure impact in greenhouse gas emissions will be different than those used to measure the impacts of education programs for women and girls.This session will examine major trends in private equity with a focus on the investment opportunities and the economic landscape.In the 20 years leading up to the financial crisis, international trade grew at twice the rate of global output. Recent data is more worrying still, suggesting that trade's share of global GDP is falling.Each of these behaviors positively or negatively affects you and dictates your overall well-being.It only takes three weeks to create a healthy habit.

We partner with them to generate consequential research and convene panels, meetings and workshops focused on their familial and philanthropic goals.

Potential Questions: By the close of the century, sub-Saharan Africa will be the world's most populous region.

Growth and prosperity will depend not on natural resources, but on the talent and entrepreneurial energy of the region's young professionals.

The Family Program creates a private, shared learning environment which convenes family principals to connect on critical issues such as: understanding successful intergenerational transfers of wealth and values; teaching children about money, privilege and responsibility; leveraging philanthropy as a teaching tool, and more.

Richard Ditizio, President and Chief Operating Officer of the Milken Institute and former CEO of Citi's U. Private Bank, leads our discussion each year at Global Conference among a select group of prominent families and individuals who are shaping the currents and conversations around these issues.

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