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For some it might mean little more than a glorified reworking of the market.

For others, it may be a powerful organizing ideal (such as those concerned with advancing the communitarian agenda).

The definition of ‘community’ or ‘communion’ can, thus, become an exclusionary act.

The benefits of belonging to a particular group are denied to non-members. The personal consequences of work in the new capitalism, New York: Norton.

It is a relational idea: ‘the opposition of one community to others or to other social entities’ (op. This leads us to the question of boundary – what marks the beginning and end of a community?

As: There is, of course, a strong possibility that these different ways of approaching community will also overlap in particular instances.As Lee and Newby (1983: 57) point out, the fact that people live close to one another does not necessarily mean that they have much to do with each other. The collapse and revival of American community, New York: Simon and Schuster. There may be little interaction between neighbours. He argues that communities are best approached as ‘communities of meaning’.In other words, ‘”community” plays a crucial symbolic role in generating people’s sense of belonging’ (Crow and Allan 1994: 6).

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