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Our next adventure is traveling to Disney World for our one-year anniversary to revisit where we were engaged.We are so grateful for Catholic for bringing us together.We have been extremely blessed and none of this would have been possible without your ministry to singles. – Jessica Matt and I met in September 2009 through your site after I had just moved to Michigan to start graduate school.

I didn't have children, and was open to men with kids or without.

First, he bought a timeshare and a truck without discussing it with me. At first I thought it was depression; we'd both turned 40 a few weeks before. One night he didn't come back from happy hour until the next morning. Now we've both moved on--and he's apologized--but at the time it was very painful. I really resented being put in that position and I resented some of my friends, who just couldn't fathom what it was like, regardless of how hard they tried.

When I confronted him, he admitted he had a girlfriend. He was the last person anyone would've guessed would cheat. To some of them dating and the single life sounded fun, but it was lonely.

We both planned the engagement, I selected the ring and brought it with me, and she selected a romantic dinner for the evening and what is now our place in Quito where I proposed.

We are committed to each other and connected in so many ways.

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