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This gives everyone a chance to know each other a little better.List several scenes from the Bible onto pieces of paper and place into a bowl. Have one member from each team pick a piece of paper and draw out the scene on a large piece of paper or dry-erase board.Write the name of a popular Bible character on each index card.Pin the back of the index card onto the back of each person.

There are usually several different types of Christian games for adults that take place at these retreats.

For a list of Bible names, see this website: Christianity Oasis.

You will need an index card for each person in the group.

The other members of the team will try to guess what scene from the Bible is being drawn.

The team that guesses the most scenes correctly in the time frame allotted will win a prize. Bible Pictionary Bible Taboo Cactus Games Outburst-Bible Edition Bible Trivia Challenge Cards Guesstures: Bible Edition Apples to Apples Bible Edition Have each person tell two stories about themselves, one that is true, and one that is false.

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This will continue down the line until the verse reaches the last person, who will then repeat what they heard aloud.

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