Did leonardo dicaprio dating kate winslet

And Kate, at least, knows that it’s a little disappointing.

In an interview on Tuesday, Winslet told ITV’s host Lorraine Kelly she knows this lack of romantic spark is “really annoying” to die-hard Jack and Rose champions.“Luckily, and this is the fortunate thing, we never fancied each other,” she said. we were able to tease each other, which we still do,” she added.

Tropez, France, and the internet is obsessed -- even though the photos are from July, when Leo held his annual Leonardo Di Caprio Foundation charity gala.

In the snaps, shirtless Leo rocks turtle-printed board shorts and Kate opts for a white tunic over her orange bikini.

Everyone at the party was asking the one question: “Why can’t they just get together?

” It’s obvious that Leo is still in love with her, and they sizzle in a room together.

The actors are auctioning themselves off for charity in St.

Kate and Leo cuddled affectionately and spent most of the night locked in deep conversation, with one onlooker telling New Idea that the actor ‘only had eyes for Kate’.Zane later posted the photo on Instagram, writing: “Gang’s back together. Go figure.” Oscar-winner and environmentalist Di Caprio set up the foundation in 1998, dedicating it “to the health and well-being of all Earth's inhabitants, focusing on wildlands and oceans conservation, climate change and indigenous rights.” Proceeds go to Di Caprio's foundation, which offers grants to environmental causes.The dinner itself will also benefit a Go Fund Me campaign that Winslet supports, which is helping a young mother in the UK pay for her cancer treatment.‘Leo spent the whole night staring at Kate like she was the moon, the stars and the sun rolled into one,’ said an onlooker.‘He was smitten, looking for any excuse to affectionately touch her and be close to her.

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We were both really young, and luckily – and this is the fortunate thing – we never fancied each other.

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