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After initially planning to skip the celebrations, Whitney Kropp, 16, bravely walked out onto the field during Ogemaw Heights High School's homecoming football game to accept the honour, and more than 1,000 people showed up to support her.

Wearing a stunning dress with a white sash, sporting a new hairdo and clutching a bouquet of flowers, the schoolgirl beamed as her fans, many dressed in her favourite colour, orange, cheered her on, chanting 'Whit-ney, Whit-ney,' according to the A pick up truck carried her and the school's class of 2015 male representative, Josh Awrey, onto the homecoming court where they stood with representatives from other years, and the homecoming king - a senior with Downs Syndrome.

She claims to be Belgium Citizen, but also claims she needs VISA to visit Europe.

Her passport needs renewal and costs about US 0.

Insurance the British gov't requires, money for care for her mom while she is here, and other forms.

Doug (USA) Report N12 (added on July, 13, 2010) She started off saying she was in Sweden, waiting for her assignment, then got it, going to Ghanna.

Suspect the pictures are stolen from a girl in the States because all the pictures are from the northwest, can tell by the trees. Thanks to this site I caught her or him before damage was done.

Terry (USA) Report N11 (added on June, 2, 2010) She has promised to come to USA but 3 times now she has come back with reasons why she needs more money.

Free CSS has 2661 free website templates coded using HTML & CSS in its gallery.But her triumph turned to humiliation when she found out from other students that her nomination was nothing but a prank by the popular kids at the school - and she was told that the male student who was elected with her had withdrawn.'It is absolutely awesome to see her stand up,' Mrs Kropp said. we're getting from parents and other students from all over the place telling her stories and how it helped them and it touched them. 'It really touched me,' Champagne, a nail tech, said.My daughter is out there as an inspiration to a lot of people, and it's a really cool thing.''When we first started doing it, it was obviously meant to hit the Ogemaw Heights community, but once we established that and people started paying attention, we determined the page is here, why not use it for the greater good? 'I can't believe that kids can be so mean and ruthless.the doctor txt me that if I did not put my own money in he would put her on the street (txt message).the insurance rescue team never received any medical info whatsoever. Bob (Netherlands) Report N9 (added on May, 20, 2010) She said she was a mix race from USA but now lived in Ghana 36 years of age and single with no kids. Juergen (Germany) Report N10 (added on June, 2, 2010) I am currently in contact with this girl and she claims her father runs an orphanage in Accra, his name is Bashiru Mohammed Says she is a model.

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Andy (USA) Report N8 (added on May, 10, 2010) She contact me when I was on russian euro stating she was living in the USA but actually lived in Ghana with her mum. I send her money for a passport (have copy) booked myself a flight and on her way to the airport she was in a car accident.

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