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Visit their website and you can visit Thorn Marine at 164a London Road, Stockton Heath, Warrington WA4 6LE (located right by London Bridge).Their website has additional information such as contact addresses and media organisations.The nearest alternative is 2 hours away if travelling towards Manchester and 8 hours away if going in the opposite direction towards Preston Brook and Anderton.They are the only pump-out station in the local area.On Father's Day, 17 June 2012, The Sun kept its word by presenting the replacement to Colin Parry, father of Tim.The original, which has been recovered, and part of police evidence during the trial of two men arrested for its theft, is now back on display in the town centre.They would use the Packet Steps, which can still be seen today [left], leading down to the canal to board the Duchess Countess to Manchester and Runcorn; the now A49 was then (and still is today) a major route from London.There is also mention of horse changes being made at Stockton Quay.

It is mentioned in the Tithe document as a stable, and it is later in life to be called Bridge Stables, and also has been used as a Bank Riders Cottage.The wizard has a special ramp in the front to allow wheelchair access; as most passengers are in wheelchairs it can only run from somewhere with a good level surface to load the passengers. Government policy on the transport use of inland waterways is set out in the Transport White Paper and is developed in the Governments policy document Waterways for Tomorrow (June 2000).Local authorities should work with all those concerned in the inland waterways industry - British Waterways (BW) and other navigation authorities, private operators and the voluntary sector concerned with restoring currently disused waterways - to develop the potential of inland waterways. Thorn Marine is an important information access point for many canal visitors.Between 10 and 100 boats call there daily, most of which need services like the post office, banks, grocers, doctors, etc.Thorn Marine is able to direct them to those services in the village.

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I believe, as do the Hamiltons, that Thorn Marine is worth saving.

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